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The Youth Chips Program

The Buffalo Chips Youth Team is a developmental team designed to help each athlete progress as best
they are able.
  • We work with all ages and abilities.
  • We are a TEAM.
  • We compete regularly to see improvement.
  • Cross country and relays are Team Sports.

We have two seasons:

Fall XC season lasts from late August through late November.

Spring Track/Road Season lasts from the last week of February through early July. 


Practice Days and Times

  • Mondays and Thursdays  6-7:15 pm  (4:30 later in the season)
  • Saturdays  8 am



  • Weekdays: (usually) Willow HILL  XC course behind Folsom HS
  • Saturdays: (usually) Willow Creek off Folsom Blvd, across from the light rail station
  • Parking is about $10. Park at light rail and walk, drop off your kids, stay with your car or
    buy a Poppy Pass for parking. The fine is more than $70!



  • ALL youth must be members of Buffalo Chips: Register and update your membership each year here.  Use the Student or Family membership price. Membership must be active to participate in practice.
  • Later in the season, all athletes considering participation in the National Championship
    will have to join the sponsoring organization.  More information to follow.

Come ready to run. Bring water, wear running clothes (preferably not cotton). If it is cold, wear layers. Eat a snack after school so you have some fuel in you. Bring a pad or towel for core work at the end of practice


ALL athletes 9+ years old should be wearing a watch to practice. They should know how to start, stop and clear the stopwatch feature.


ALL athletes with asthma (exercise induced or allergy induced) should have their inhalers WITH them in the car or sports bag. I am willing to lend mine in a true emergency, but an athlete with asthma should come prepared. If your doctor recommends using your inhaler before exercise, be sure to do so.


Singlets: $30. I have them in stock and will bring them to designated practices for purchase. They are worn with black bottoms (shorts, leggings). If your leggings are not black, wear black shorts over them in cold weather.

Please contact Coach Linda with any questions.

Linda Frazier