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Check the workout calendar below or go to Meetup for weekend group runs. Only participate if you are healthy and feel comfortable doing so, and please be mindful of adhering to physical distancing guidelines. If you are not a member,  please sign this liability waiver prior to joining us for group runs.

Fun and Games in January

Let's play Poker!

 Best 5 card hand wins, a new round will be held each week in January. 

Your hand will consist of 2 community cards which will be posted in the Weekly Eblast on Tuesdays. 

This week's cards are: 5-H, Ace-H

The remaining 3 cards must be earned! 

For every 5 miles run or walked, you earn a new card. Click here and select the "Draw Cards" option towards the bottom of the link to receive your earned card(s). (If you are delt a duplicate card in your hand, just pick again.)  

After completing 15 miles and receiving 3 earned cards, you may swap out 1 earned card for each additional 5 miles completed. 

Mileage accumulation towards your hand will start on Mondays. You can post your final hand on Facebook or submit to Waiman. Final hand must be posted / submitted by Midnight on Sunday.

**Here's The Catch** The "blind bet" for each week's hand is 50 pushups! Only the winner of the hand will be exempt from paying up! The winner will be announced in the following Eblast.

So start shuffling those feet to build your best hands!

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