Western States 100 Devil’s Thumb Aid Station

For many years the Buffalo Chips have aided the Devil’s Thumb aid station in the Western States Endurance Run 100 Mile race.   Check out all the fun we have!

Devils Thumb Aid Station

Here’s a video of the Devil’s Thumb Aid Station from 2011.

Devil’s Thumb Aid Station

Chips/Devil’s Thumb Western States 100 Award Slot

To be considered for the Devil’s Thumb slot at Western States, a Buffalo Chip club member must first meet all of the WS 100 qualifications (see below) and should have a history of volunteering for the aid station and for the race. This volunteer activity will be paramount in selecting the runner to get the aid station slot.

Interested runners should apply to the Buffalo Chips Western States committee no later than November 8, prior to the year in which they want to run. The application should include a running resume and a short letter explaining why they believe they are deserving of the slot. You may submit your application (a PDF version of the form may be found here: Devils-Thumb-Application-10.1.17) at any Tuesday night workout or Saturday long run.


(Please submit prior to November 8)

I understand that each Aid Station Captain is allotted a DESIGNATED RUNNER (DR) entry into WSER every year and that the underlying purpose of the entry is to reward dedicated volunteers for their time in helping maintain the stellar reputation of WSER as well as to provide Captains with a means to entice long-term quality volunteers. I certify that I have helped maintain WSER as a volunteer, meet the qualifications in this application and seek the DR entry to the WSER next June.

Applicants will be ranked and then selected based primarily on their service to the Devil’s Thumb Aid Station. Additionally, service to the Buffalo Chips Running Club, and the WSER will be considered as secondary criteria.


I certify that I meet the following minimum qualifications for designation of the DR entry:

1. I have run a qualifying race within the appropriate time period. See http://www.wser.org/qualifying-races/ for qualifying standards, races and times. It is the runner’s responsibility to be sure his race is on the official list of qualifying races.

2. I will properly register for the Lottery by the application deadline. See http://www.wser.org/entry-process/ for the application process. I understand that if my application is rejected for any reason that I am not eligible for the DR entry.

3. I will Fulfill at least 8 hours of volunteer work at WSER, the February training run, the Memorial Weekend training runs, or other WSER projects (see http://www.wser.org/service-requirement/ ) prior to the race and will forfeit my race entry and will not be allowed to run if this requirement is not fulfilled prior to the race. I understand that this will be an additional 8 hours of volunteer work if the runner’s race application requirement was fulfilled at a run not associated with WSER. The WSER volunteer hours should be submitted on the same service requirement form, and be signed off by the WSER Aid Station Captain.

4. I understand that the DR entry is selected prior to the lottery. If I am selected, I understand my name will be removed from the lottery list, and my credit card will be charged for the race entry fee prior to the lottery and I will be added as an official entrant when my credit card is charged.

5. I understand that each Aid Station Captain is given only one DR entry and that I have not applied for more than one Aid Station DR entry.


Attach the following to your application:

1. A “running” resume which should show that you are capable of completing WSER within the time limits of the run.

2. A short letter explaining why you are deserving of the Devil’s Thumb DR entry. The committee will consider your volunteer service to the  Devil’s Thumb aid station, your history and dedication to the Buffalo Chips running club, and your volunteer service to the WSER.