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The Buffalo Chips Running Club is comprised of all types of runners. We have everyone from walkers, pavement pounders, and trail junkies.  Here you’ll find out about our ultra trail junkies…

On any given weekend you can find our herd roaming the Folsom trails, the Cool and Auburn forests, and in the wilderness on the famous Western States Endurance Race 100 trails.  Here are some popular places we start our trail adventures:

Willma Cavitt Junior High School, Granite Bay, CA

Auburn Dam Overlook, Auburn, CA

Cool Fire Station, Cool, CA

Foresthill Elementary School, Foresthill, CA


Tales from the Trails

Ernie Takahashi – Way Too Cool 50k 2013

It was an ideal morning for a 50K, cool, a little overcast and no wind at 8:00 AM March 9th, 2013.  I wish the race started earlier but there was a large field (about 900 registered runners) and a two wave start for an ultra!

The first loop is 8 miles and relatively flat but the single track portion gets slow at times in long Congo Lines.  But I probably spent too much energy trying to pass runners in this section.

After the Fire Station, the course is mostly down hill and again I probably ran too fast.  It was down hill but many runners passed me.

From Lower Quarry to Maine Bar is mostly up and down and my energy was fading and it wasn’t half way!  I walked the up hills and ran slowly on the down hills.

From Maine Bar the ALT is mostly flat and runable but I was getting very tired.  I took a long break at ALT and tried to eat as much as I could stomach to boost may energy level.

Again the course from ALT to beginning of Goat Hill is mostly flat and should be and easy run.  But not today.  Many runners passed me on this section.  The “walk” up Goat Hill was very slow but I knew if was basically down hill from there to Highway 49.
The soup at Goat Hill was tasty but did nothing for my tired body.

Goat Hill to Highway 49 was again very slow but I knew the “end” was in sight or so I thought.  I had to walk the slightest uphill and barely run the downhills.  As I got closer to Highway 49, I could hear the cars on the road which awakened my tired legs.

I stopped at Highway 49 to get more water to pour on my head as I made the last climb to the finish.  I walked some but I tried to run as much as possible.  Got to look good at the finish.  Fortunately the last quarter mile is flat and I was able to run to the finish line with a smile on my face.

My time was 45 minutes slower than last year!  I must be getting older but I will be back next year if I get picked in the lottery.

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Want to join the fun?  Check out our Facebook page to see if anyone is running the trails on the weekends or you can email


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Are you interested in venturing into the ultra scene?  There are a lot of great races in our area, some of the popular races our ultra chips train for are:


Jed Smith Ultras 50 Mile, 50k, and 30k

Way Too Cool 50k

American River 50 Mile Endurance Run

Miwok 100k

Silver State 50 Mile and 50K

Ohlone Wilderness 50k

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (For information on our aid station at Western States, Devil’s Thumb, please go here.)

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile

Tamalpa Headlands 50k

Run on the Sly 12k, Half Marathon, 20 Mile, and 50k

Dick Collins Firetrails 50Mile

Quad Dipsea 28 Mile


For more ultra races in the Northern California area visit Ultra Signup, Run100s, or the Pacific Association Ultra Running Grand Prix Schedule and check out where our club stands .


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