Chips Board

The Buffalo Chips board of directors is elected every January and generally meets on the first Tuesday of the month after the Chips’ speed workout at the Boy Scout headquarters offices on Commerce Circle in Sacramento.

The current members are:



Paul Spolidoro,  President

I started running in 2012 and ran my first 5k in July of that year and was hooked. Since that initial race I have run in multiple half and full marathons.  In the IT profession I am indoors most of the day, so, I look forward to the time spent outdoors Running, Hiking, Camping and playing sports. I joined the Buffalo Chips in 2013 to be around like minded folks and to become a better runner. Along the way I not only learned a lot and have become a better runner, but met a lot of great people.


Bill Goodwin,  Vice President

Bill Goodwin was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, making him a true Buffalo Chip.  He just celebrated 10 years as a runner, having started his running career later in life when he just could not swim another uninteresting lap.  Bill learned to run marathons and enjoy beery recoveries with the Montgomery County (Maryland) Road Runners.  His favorite running memories though involve Teens Run DC, a running/mentoring program for at-risk youth in inner-city Washington.  Bill believes that running teaches the importance of goal-setting and achieving those goals through group workouts and expert coaching.  A Sacramentan since 2013, he quickly learned that Buffalo Chips membership offers all of those things, and more.  Bill looks forward to helping the Chips stay strong and grow.  
 Arnold Utterback, Past-President
A Chip since 1991 and a Board member since 2009.  As race director of our cross country event at Willow Hills in Folsom, Arnold helped the Chips bring competitive XC        at the Open and Master level back to the Sacramento   area. Along with XC and road racing, from the mile through the marathon, he has been known to put on a pair of      spikes and compete on the track as a national medalist in the steeplechase.  He may not be the fastest runner, but as a super-senior it’s more about showing up and having a good time.

Nuria Duran, Member-At-Large

Nuria Duran decided to run her first 5K 6 years ago.   She enjoyed herself so much that she started signing up for half marathons.  She celebrated her first year of running by running the California International Marathon (CIM). She continues to run races of all distances, but prefers the marathon.  Since joining Buffalo Chips Nuria has enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and has set PRs on several distances.  Nuria hopes to run one or two marathons a year for the foreseeable future and is looking for attractive travel destinations to combine two of her favorite hobbies (running and travel).  You may see Nuria running along the American River Bike Trail with her dog Max or volunteering at a Buffalo Chips event with her husband Keith.


Tony Smith, Treasurer

Tony has enjoyed running from short distances up to 50 miles. The Davis Mile was a surprising experience, fun to watch and run. Tony has run a few Marathons (including Boston and Catalina Island), and he finished the American River 50, “first 50 at age 60”. His focus is now on 5k-10k including cross-country. Lower weekly mileage gives him time for the grandchildren, hiking, backpacking, traveling, auto racing, and volunteer work for the Chips.


Waiman Yip, Volunteer Coordinator

I started running in 1989 when I started working downtown and have been a member of the Chips on and off since.  Having run in and around Sacramento for 25+ years, I love all facets of our running community.  I applaud not only the racers that put in the hard work to get to the start line but all the runners behind the scenes making things happen.  I look forward to being the Volunteer Coordinator and helping where I can.  While noon times run out to Discovery Park are my staple, one of my favorite things is to do is running tours when I am out of town.

John Caselli, Buffalo Chip Public Relations

John first laced up running shoes in 1987 and ran his first CIM in 1989. He is now a proud member of the “Magnificent Seven”, one of the seven people who have completed 25-30 CIM’s.
He joined Buffalo Chips in 1988 and has found memories of training on American River Drive delivering boxes of See’s Candy to patient neighbors along the route while serenading them with out-of-tune Christmas Carols.
John recently joined the Buffalo Chips Board to help get the word out about club activities. He is married to his high school sweetheart, has three kids and two grandkids.





Eric Girarden, Member-at-Large



Megan Herold, Enquirer Editor/ Member-At-Large



Mike Rizzo, Race Director-Buffalo Stampede

Race Director Info.

 Miwok2014PicBruce Falzarano, Member-At-LargeBruce has been a runner for as long as he can remember, starting somewhere around the 6th or 7th grade. He has run a wide variety of race distances, from 5K’s all the way to 100 mile trail Ultras. Running has been his lifelong passion and he finds camaraderie in the company of fellow runners. He says that joining the Buffalo Chips and participating in team workouts has been incredibly helpful for performance improvement, but mostly enjoyable for the friendships that have developed through the Club.Since moving to Sacramento in 1980, he has been active in the local running community. He completed his first marathon at CIM in 1987, his first Boston in 2007, and his first Western States 100-miler in 2011. Found mostly on trails in the mountains these days, he still enjoys running a few street marathons each year, and last December became a 15-time CIM finisher. Maggie Ward,  Chips Apparel and Social Events

For the past few years Maggie has enjoyed her association with the Chips, having run many races, ranging from 5 K’s to marathons.  When she is not running, Maggie has enjoyed being a volunteer at Chip events; her favorite is working at the Susan B. Anthony race.  Like many of her fellow Chips, Maggie plans to keep running until her body gives out.  Currently, Maggie is the coordinator for Chips social events and apparel.

Teddy Pic

Teddy Morris, Scribe

I became a runner because I am basically just a simple guy and all of the other sports seemed too complex for me.  Look at golf–you have to try to figure out the right club, iron or putter to use.  Bicycling is not much better when dealing with all of those different sprockets and gear combinations.  Tennis or bowling?  Who knows how to keep score in either of those sports—not me.  But with running, all you need to do is put on your shoes, head out the door, and go forward.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Carol Parise, Race Director and Member-At-Large

Carol has been a member of the Buffalo Chips since 1987. She was the Race Director of the Buffalo Stampede from 1995-1997 and has been the Race Director of the Susan B. Anthony Women’s 5k since 2004. She races 5k through 1/2s and cross country. Carol also competes in triathlons and time trials in the summer months.

AncilHoffmanXC_10-27-12John Feeney, Jed Smith Race Director / Member-At_large

I joined the Chips in 2004 after I started running more to stay in shape and keep my weight down without diets or need to stop enjoying my beer and wine. The Chips are a very supportive and knowledgeable group to run with or be around. There is an abundant base of running and health knowledge for any distance or type of event you would like to try; from 5K to 100 miles and everything in-between. Before I joined the Chips the longest I had run was a about 10 miles. Since joining the Chips I have completed 36 ultra-marathons and 13 marathons and looking forward to running my 1st Boston Marathon in April 2015.

Dennis206x304Dennis Scott, Member-At_large

I have been a member of the Chips for many years. My most enjoyable experience is running up hills!!





Jed Smith

John Feeney
July 4th 5-miler

George Parrott

Susan B. Anthony
Carole Parise

Buffalo Stampede
Mike Rizzo

Willow Hills Cross Country 5K

Arnold Utterback

Board of Directors Minutes


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Buffalo Chips Board Meeting (June 6 2017)

Buffalo Chips Board Meeting (May 2 2017)

Buffalo Chips Board Meeting (February 7, 2017)

Buffalo Chips Board Meeting (January 17, 2017)

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