YearOfTheRoosterIn celebration of Chinese New Year, I have decided to give our lucky members, and even any lucky non-members who want to take me up on my offer, the chance to improve their running–IN ONLY THREE SHORT MONTHS!

How am I able to make this seemingly unbelievable offer, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  It is my belief that anyone who dedicates themselves to participating in our Tuesday Night Workouts, for three consecutive months, will ultimately improve their running.  Come try it out, but don’t cheat yourself, make sure you attend all of the Tuesday Night Workouts for three full months and see what happens!

In fact, it will not only improve your running, to attend all of the Tuesday Night Workouts for three months, but I pretty much guarantee that it will make you better looking at the same time!  Just look at what it did for me…

Teddy Morris

Before participating in the Tuesday Night Workouts



After participating in three months of the Tuesday Night Workouts

Need I say more? So, join us!



After the rainstorm of this past Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to see such an enthusiastic and hearty band of runners show up at our Buffalo Chips workout, which met in the parking lot of the La Bou Bakery in Land Park, on the following Sunday morning.  It was an overcast day, but it wasn’t wet, so we headed up towards the Sacramento River levee trail for an agreed upon ten-mile run at an easy pace.

In our group, we had a variety of participants, from a relatively new runner to our group, many seasoned veterans, including one veteran of the Italian Army, and even a bicyclist–really.  When we reached the summit of the Interstate 5 overpass on Sutterville Road, and made it by those treacherous freeway signs on the way to the levee trail, our group turned north towards Downtown Sacramento for a five mile up-and-back route.

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I asked a number of our experienced marathon runners to give me their personal (and maybe even top secret) routines that they use when preparing for and running in a marathon.

If you are a relatively new marathon runner, or even if you have run a couple already but aren’t exactly sure what you can do to improve your marathon experience, there is probably something you can learn from their perspectives on what they do to prepare and succeed in that 26.2-mile race.

So, read on and find out what they have learned—sometimes the hard way!

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Coach Teddy

Teddy MorrisStarting in August of this year, I have had the opportunity to fill the role of coordinating the training component of the Buffalo Chips Running Club workouts. This has been a lot of fun and rather exciting as I get to be a part of the growth of our members in their running and overall fitness goals. For me, there is nothing better to do than to join with my fellow club members in an activity that is not only good for our bodies, but helps us in a myriad of other ways both mental and spiritual, in our human goal of living a life well run!

Since we have a vast membership, whose individual members cover a wide gamut of abilities, goals, and reasons for running, my position is to structure an organized system of training options which will be beneficial to pretty much everyone in our club.

From the sound of it, this seems like an impossible task, but I feel brave enough to take it on and, as they say, run with it. Ironically, I found out that I was chosen for the Training Coordinator position on a Saturday evening after coming back from viewing a showing of a silent film on the life of Joan of Arc. Upon reading the e-mail announcing my nomination as the new Training Coordinator, I began to wonder if the film I had just seen was a symbolic representation of my tenure in this new position—celebrated as a hero one day…burnt at the stake as a heretic the next. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Believe it or not, I joined up with the Buffalo Chips Running Club in 1992 to get a free ride on their bus to the starting-line of the California International Marathon that year. From that simple act, basically driven by a need to save some money, look where it has led me! As far as my athletic accomplishments are concerned, having lived in Sacramento my whole life, I attended local schools here and participated in a variety of athletic endeavors while growing up. In fact, in ninth-grade, at Sam Brannan Middle School, I earned the coveted “Gold Stripe” award, from the Physical Education Department, for not just one semester, but for both semesters that year. Plus, I am the winner of the Buffalo Chips Running Club’s Prediction Run in both 2010 and 2014. Also, I was in the Guinness Book of World Records for a couple of hours, but that had nothing to due with running, so I probably shouldn’t bring that up.

Our members have a true enthusiasm for our sport and our club. They exemplify this dynamic love of running in the races we run, the volunteer activities we participate in, and the fun we have when being together. In my role as Training Coordinator, I will try to encourage that love of running by guiding the implementation and usefulness of our training workouts so that we continue towards our club’s overall goals of celebrating a healthy lifestyle, being a strong and positive presence in the Sacramento running community, and sharing a lot of fun times while doing it!