** Chips Contribute Energy and Resources to Sacramento **

The members of the Buffalo Chips Running Club consider ourselves active participants in the local running community and the overall Sacramento metropolitan area through our contributions of energy and resources to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive changes in the lives of its vibrant population. Each year, we dedicate a portion of the proceeds collected from our membership dues, race revenue, and outside donations to promote activities and organizations that contribute to the well-being of our neighbors.

2017 has been a good year for us, and we have had the opportunity to make monetary donations to the following organizations:

  • Buffalo Chips Youth Program = $5,200
  • American River Parkway Foundation = $1,725*
  • Women Escaping a Violent Environment = $225*
  • Woodland High School Cross-Country = $250

*This is in addition to the $2,100 for the American River Parkway Foundation and the $850 to the Women Escaping A Violent Environment organization that we collected from the generous participants of our “Fourth Of July 5-Mile Race”.

Outside of our financial support, the members of our club volunteered to maintain a one-mile section of the American River Parkway Trail.

As we welcome in a new year, our Buffalo Chips Running Club members will continue to hit the streets, attack the trails, and do our best to be positive contributors to our greater Sacramento neighborhood!


YearOfTheRoosterIn celebration of Chinese New Year, I have decided to give our lucky members, and even any lucky non-members who want to take me up on my offer, the chance to improve their running–IN ONLY THREE SHORT MONTHS!

How am I able to make this seemingly unbelievable offer, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  It is my belief that anyone who dedicates themselves to participating in our Tuesday Night Workouts, for three consecutive months, will ultimately improve their running.  Come try it out, but don’t cheat yourself, make sure you attend all of the Tuesday Night Workouts for three full months and see what happens!

In fact, it will not only improve your running, to attend all of the Tuesday Night Workouts for three months, but I pretty much guarantee that it will make you better looking at the same time!  Just look at what it did for me…

Teddy Morris

Before participating in the Tuesday Night Workouts



After participating in three months of the Tuesday Night Workouts

Need I say more? So, join us!



After the rainstorm of this past Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to see such an enthusiastic and hearty band of runners show up at our Buffalo Chips workout, which met in the parking lot of the La Bou Bakery in Land Park, on the following Sunday morning.  It was an overcast day, but it wasn’t wet, so we headed up towards the Sacramento River levee trail for an agreed upon ten-mile run at an easy pace.

In our group, we had a variety of participants, from a relatively new runner to our group, many seasoned veterans, including one veteran of the Italian Army, and even a bicyclist–really.  When we reached the summit of the Interstate 5 overpass on Sutterville Road, and made it by those treacherous freeway signs on the way to the levee trail, our group turned north towards Downtown Sacramento for a five mile up-and-back route.

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I asked a number of our experienced marathon runners to give me their personal (and maybe even top secret) routines that they use when preparing for and running in a marathon.

If you are a relatively new marathon runner, or even if you have run a couple already but aren’t exactly sure what you can do to improve your marathon experience, there is probably something you can learn from their perspectives on what they do to prepare and succeed in that 26.2-mile race.

So, read on and find out what they have learned—sometimes the hard way!

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