We all know that we have to drink water or some other hydration product during the marathon, although how much is needed, is somewhat particular to each individual.  While some can get by with just sipping the water at the aid-stations as they run by them, others need to keep pumping water or sports-drinks into their system at a higher rate, due to their body’s rate of consumption and perspiration, also taking into account the environmental conditions on race day.  If you are one of those who use the aid-stations to supply your hydration, there is always the possibility that they are stocked with a sports-drink product that you have never tried, and which might upset your stomach once you begin drinking it.

So, the subject of hydration is something that you need to figure out during the training runs leading up to the actual marathon.  Many runners carry water-bottles with them, either models that are hand-held or those that fit into a belt, and this gives you the freedom to not only have hydration available whenever you need it, but it also gives you the option of mixing up your own special blend of a sports-drink product, which you would have tested out on the training runs during the weeks leading up to the marathon.

Like I said earlier, some like to travel light, instead of carrying a water-bottle with them during the race, and just go with whatever is available at the aid-stations along the course.  Others prefer the accessibility of having their hydration on them so that it is available whenever and however they may need it.  But the key to hydration for the race is to try out a couple of systems and then see what works best for you.  And, remember, some sports-drink products contain both carbohydrates and electrolytes, whereas others only have electrolytes in them, so check the labels when purchasing these products to make sure that you get the product that you really need for the marathon.

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