Stand Up Placer 5k/10k Race Report

By Teddy Morris

One of our Buffalo Chips members, Mike Rizzo, had given me an entry in this year’s Stand Up Placer 5K and 10K Race, which took place on Saturday morning, October 4, 2014, at the Miner’s Ravine course up near Sculpture Park in Roseville, and since I wasn’t doing the Urban Cow Half-Marathon that weekend, I thought it would be fun to try it out. The race was a charity run for the Stand Up Placer organization which is the women’s shelter and hotline for Placer County.   They had a small crowd of runners, but with a lot of enthusiasm, and a whole lot of great sponsors.  There were about two hundred people there, divided between the two races, and they started the 10K first.  It was a beautiful morning and the course was an up-and-back route–although the first leg of the 10K race was slightly longer to accommodate the course.  If anyone has been out to the Miner’s Ravine course, it is a paved roadway through some rolling terrain, with a bubbling stream running next to the pathway, and stretches from Sierra College Boulevard to Downtown Roseville.  Very scenic, actually.

When I got to the turn-around point, which was about three-and-a-half miles out, I was really exhausted, and on the way back I realized why–the first part of the race was slightly uphill the whole way.  Although my legs were worn out on the front side, I was able to finally pass the fourth-place entrant, you know those Lark scooters can really get up to speed on the flat straight-aways, and then I passed the third-place runner, I knew I had him because you can only push a double-wide stroller so fast up a decently-graded hill, and then I looked out, and I could see the first-place runner about an eighth-of-a-mile ahead of me, galloping up the small hills like he was half-human/half-goat, long hair flowing as he ran, all twelve years old of him!  Could I possibly catch him…yeah, if only he would have stopped to take a selfie and text his friends at home about running in the race, but no, he got to the tape about a minute before I reached the finish-line.  Well, still it was my best finish in any race I have ever done!

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